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Top SaaS Security Risks Every Business Should Consider To Minimize Right Now!


March 2022, 11

SaaS security solutions have stirred up quite a debate in the software-as-a-service circle. It is not only creating a revolution in the cloud service model but is also known for bringing up a new set of security challenges and key requirements. 

But this increased business agility isn't free of risks. Eager to keep their projects moving, many business units have adopted new SaaS applications without the guidance or approval of appropriate IT security teams. Such organizations are then left to manage, protect and report on each SaaS service separately, further increasing risk with inconsistent security policies.

This is why all the debates on this topic revolve around the same question: Who is responsible for data security?

 Well, according to a recent SaaS security survey report, 53% of respondents believe that it is the SaaS service providers who are responsible for checking and maintaining cloud security.  

So, if your organization is into deploying multiple SaaS applications, be on the lookout for these primary security risks and proposed solutions to protect your critical business applications in the cloud. 

Data Access Risk 

Talking of your business data, do you think is it secured? How are your company's crucial data and information stored? If you are one of those, who are leaving essential business information in the hands of a third party, then you might want to rethink and change it. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for any data they can get hold of. So, bringing in SaaS Technology to your business is an excellent measure, but as you do that, you might have to discuss their policies and procedures, and dwell into questions such as: 

> Who owns the data when the contract is signed?

> What happens in case of a security breach? 

> How secure is the data when the contract ends? 

It is always worthwhile to ask questions about the access control systems and identify whether there are any chances of network security issues, such as deficient patching and lack of monitoring. 

Lack Of Transparency

SaaS vendors are often secretive about their services. In the superficial sense, they assure clients of complete data safety as compared to other providers out there. They also tend to guarantee, that they are capable of securing information and files more proficiently than the customer themselves. Thus luring them in. But the fact is there are valid security risks and concerns majorly concentrating on how the service provider is handling its entire security protocol. This very sense of distrust leaves the customers and clients with only gaps and speculations, thus leaving them with the only option of compromise! 

Identity Theft 

Saas providers require you to make payments only through credit cards. But are you aware, that making these payments can put your business at potential risk? With companies engaging and transacting with each other remotely, identity theft is one of the most important risks, you need to pay attention to. Investing in good identity management software should always be your "anytime welcome move", which covers aspects like authentication, authorization, and auditing. In simple words, do not transact, if you are not guaranteed complete safety. 

How To Secure Your Business Data With On-Premise Glaze CRM Software? 

Data security has emerged as a major concern when it comes to addressing these concerns and then choosing the right CRM. Thus business organizations have started turning their heads towards, Glaze CRM, a secure platform where you don't have to worry about any sort of data breach or leakage at any point of the contract. It gives you the liberty of running the CRM efficiently on your own system or hosting without any hassles thus giving you complete control over your own data. Let's have a look at some of the key benefits of using Glaze CRM:

> 100% Data Security 

> Prevents Data Leakage

> Minimizes Data Access Risk

> On-Premise Software Hosting 

> Gives You Full Control  Over Your Data

> Complete Transparency On Data Sharing

> White-labeled CRM

> Affordable Pricing Plans

Wrapping Up!

As SaaS services promise to be growing at a rapid rate, it's high time businesses take special interest in their security measures to prevent any expensive infosec blunders. You may have awesome security checklists, impressive risk assessment processes, and informed end-users, but if you fail to adapt to the ever-changing security landscapes, all your efforts and hard work can go down the drain. 

So, to stay on top of your SaaS security game, get your hands on Glaze CRM, an intuitive platform to protect, systemize, and manage your data. 

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