Glaze CRM VS HubSpot

Discover the top reasons that make Glaze CRM better than other CRM solutions.


Higher Costs

HubSpot being a big brand name in the market is, of course, expensive. Though you can choose from different plans as per your needs, most users that start with the basic plan, end up spending a lot more than the prescribed monthly amount.

There are limitations in a number of profiles, types, and even role permission settings. Not just that users won't be getting access to APIs, so there is no integration possible. Everything that is best about HubSpot is usually in the top packages.


  • Workflow only available on premium versions.
  • API only available on premium versions.
  • Limits on storage, processes and roles.
  • No SLA for Support.
  • No on-premise option.
  • No access to database or code.

Glaze CRM

Lower Costs

If you are looking for secure CRM solutions that are feature-rich as well as affordable, then switch to Glaze CRM. By spending just a small amount as a one-time setup fee, we'll sort everything for you.

Our white-label CRM solution allows you to make customizations as per your business needs. CRM gives you complete access to your data by keeping you safe from all sorts of security threats. Investing in Glaze CRM is surely a value-for-money deal!


  • Workflow Automation as standard.
  • Unrestrained access to API.
  • No limits except your imagination.
  • Support SLA with 99%+ compliance.
  • On-premise (Self Hosting).
  • Complete access to code and database.

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Features HubSpot Glaze CRM
Contact Stats
Sales Forecast and analytics
Sale Analytics
Task Management
Global Activity Feed
Notes Management
Connect your email account
Integrate with your favorite apps
User Management
Multilingual Services
WhatsApp Campaigns
Voicemail Drop
Bank Details
Desktop Notifications
Price Monthly Subscriptions One-Time Setup Fee
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