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Boost Your Business Profitability And Productivity By Using Sales Automation CRM


July 2022, 18

Is your business struggling with selling woes? 
Sales automation is absolutely the apt answer, you are looking for! No, really.

Have you ever:

Lost an absolutely great deal because you forgot to push a follow-up?

Spent precious minutes logging in activities and updating lead records.

Called leads in a traditionally defined order rather than the best-fit ones?

Wasted hours digging through files to find a specific prospect, customer lead, or testimonial you needed?

If you can relate to any of these — or all of the above, you definitely need sales CRM automation
This is why we are here to walk you through sales automation and the different sales automation features that might benefit your team and your business in the long run.

What Is Sales Automation?

Sales automation refers to the mechanization of manual, repetitive, and time-consuming sales tasks using a software. Automation of everyday manual tasks allows your sales team to focus on closing more deals and generating greater revenue, thus impacting your overall business profitability.

Why automate sales?

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Saves Time 

The workload of a sales executive is extremely high and a major portion of their working time is spent on fulfilling their daily duties like scheduling appointments, logging activities, and creating follow-up tasks. Also, some recent surveys show that investing in sales force automation reduces sales administrative time by 14%. So eliminating routine tasks can make your employees spend more time on what they’re supposed to do – selling products.

Enhanced Productivity 

Easy and personalized outreach with the help of CRM automation assists to increase the staff’s productivity and motivation. Market statistics say that sales force automation is reported to increase deal closure by 40%.

Cost Reduction

If routine business operations are managed efficiently and quicker with automated tools, the risk of error is reduced to a bare minimum. This aids in preventing your company’s losses since workflow mismanagement can cost as much as 30 to 40 % of its annual revenue. 

Effective Sale Decision 

Use of Top sales CRM helps reps to stay better informed about the hot leads and opportunities with a 360-degree customer profile of their prospects stored in your on-premise customer relationship management software. This can be easily achieved with the automated import of customer data using a sales intelligence app like Glaze CRM. Thus helping them take effective decisions. 

What Exactly Should You Automate To Make Spot-On Sales

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Communication With Your Prospects

Targetting prospects is one of the crucial stages of the sales process since sales representatives should know what the customers’ needs far and wide to tailor their “targetting offer”. This is why sales reps are recommended to spend a good time prospecting for reach. And automated prospect outreach is definitely a good place to start from! 

>> Email Automation

As per the driving sales community, salespeople send nearly 120 emails daily. If done manually, you can very well imagine the enormous amount of time taken. This is exactly where you’ve gotta use Email Automation tools. Creating targeted yet personalized emails by using market-approved templates is possible with tools like Glaze CRM.

Day To Day Sales Tasks

>> Lead Distribution Automation

Automated lead distribution allows shuffling leads according to predefined criteria set by your reps to make the process of hitting and closing the deals quicker.
Lead distribution in CRM works in a defined way, such as a lead’s geographical location, interest, status, source, etc. serves as a basic criterion for lead distribution. 

Record Generation and Follow-Up Tasks Automation

Automated creation of follow-up tasks and records helps in unloading the burden from your sales team's shoulders, sparing some more time for carrying out their “selling tasks”. Reliable CRM features allow documenting records, updating them, and enabling its automation all at one place, also triggering when the process should actually run.

Reminders Automation

It’s not a surprise to say that an overload of everyday tasks disrupts the possibility for sales reps to keep every minute task in mind. Task notifications by a top CRM software can help your sales reps to remember their important tasks on the to-do list. 

Key Sales CRM Automation Features Your Team Must Be Assisted With

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Cross-selling and Upselling Automation

Upselling and cross-selling are assumed to be a necessary yet difficult part of sales reps’ job, which is now made easier with automation.
The product is recommended to a prospect based on the information collected like the prospect‘s needs, interests, and stage in the sales process.

Proposal Creation

Without a doubt, curating a personalized proposal requires time and effort. Therefore, an in-built e-mail template feature of customer relationship management software such as Glaze CRM can make this process faster and more efficient.

On-Point Sales Process

One of the key duties of sales deputies is to set up a well-structured sales process. Therefore, relevant CRM features can help in establishing a clear map of a sales process’s stages. Thus aiding the sales reps know, what’s expected at each stage of the process. 

Opportunities Visibility 

Sales managers require additional visibility to ensure that the pre-planned sales process is followed. It is possible to accomplish this using opportunity stages within opportunity records.

All Set? Get Automated With Glaze CRM!

Glaze CRM’s sales automation feature can boost your employee productivity and business efficiency while saving you unrequired hours of working each week. As a result, your team can devote more time to closing deals and less time to administrative tasks.  So don’t waste any more time going through your team’s dormant sales sheet, rather connect with our professionals today and enhance your business profitability.

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