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What Are The Popular Types Of CRM Software Technologies? And Which Is The Best One For Your Business?


April 2022, 18

In today's growing competitive market, it has become extremely important for businesses to share the right information with the right people, at the most appropriate time, or else they might lose their opportunities to sell their products or services. But who are these right people? You have guessed it right! A major portion of modern businesses is now customer-centered. When it comes to sales and marketing, believe it or not, customers are king. They are the right people for your business! They are the ones calling the shots these days in products and service markets. Hence, markets now revolve around what the customer actually wants and needs. Because ultimately building and maintaining great relationships with the customer is at the core of any business model. And the best way to approach this model and make it a huge success is by adopting the right tool, and in this case, it is by using the best CRM software technology. 

So basically, 

CRM system is the best-known method to answer customer priorities. Such systems are based on a variety of differences that sets each of them apart from one another. But generally speaking, they perform the same function, which is helping businesses keep a track of their customers and build further relationships with them. 

With a multitude of CRM technologies available in the market, based on broader operating systems, business functions, and industry-specific needs, we will be discussing three main types of CRM technology systems. 

Types Of CRM Software Technologies 

Cloud-Based CRM Technology System

Such CRM technology systems use cloud computing to store and process the data accumulated. Cloud-based CRM tools give businesses the freedom to access all of their data and communicate with their internal teams and partners, much like any on-premise software. They help teams in accessing data and working from any part of the world, but the only hindrance that stops them from becoming the #1 CRM software technology is that it is SaaS-based CRM technology. This means if you ever adopt this means of data storage or integration, there will always be a risk of data leakage or theft.  

Open Source CRM Technology System

As per what the name suggests, this type of CRM technology is available to organizations for free. By simply making the source code available at no cost, the open source CRM technology allows business firms to use these services, that are mostly restricted to data accumulation. Or they simply enable the addition and customization of data links on various social media channels, to help companies improve their social CRM practices.  

On-Premise CRM Technology System

This is by far the best customer relationship management (CRM) technology solution available in the market. It allows your organization to completely store and manage the data on your premises. It owns the key responsibilities of your business including, maintenance, security, administration, storage, and collection of your organization's information, and the database of your company. The servers are completely owned, managed, and serviced by your organization. The On-Premise CRM tool is usually bought on a license rather than purchasing annual subscriptions from the Cloud CRM provider. All your organization’s required data can be easily migrated from any other platform to this one particular platform, thus easing out the daily tasks of your employees, thereby increasing the business efficiency. This CRM technology guarantees 100% data security and autonomous data storage. What else do you need to pave your way through a successful business solution! 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A CRM Technology For Your Business? 

Complete Customer Overview

The right CRM technology will not only provide you with basic customer information but also helps in tracking how they are interacting with your brand across various channels. This information may aid your business in formulating the right business strategy and engaging the customers in a way that interests them the most. 

Greater Customer Insights

The USP of a CRM technology solution is not just storing data on a single platform, but enabling businesses to draw the future path from the data collected. It can help you spot trends, and engagement across channels, identify customer needs and also forecast business opportunities and plan the marketing and sales strategies in such a way that it enables continuous growth! 

Increased Profit Margins

Using the best CRM software solution can help you provide better services and products to the customers, by deeply understanding their needs. This in turn will improve customer satisfaction, thereby impacting your company's bottom line.  

Which Is The Best CRM SoftwareTechnology For Your Business? 

With so many options available in the market, it can be quite a daunting task to choose the best CRM technology for your business. But at the same time, it is equally important to choose the right solution for your business, as the effective functioning of your business process and employee productivity will largely depend on the technology you will adopt. 

Pro Tip 💡 - Always look for a solution that can sustain your business in the long term and continue to support its operations as it scales! 

So, coming back to which CRM software technology is the right business choice for you? Well, the On-Premise CRM technology system can serve your business requirements the best. It has known to be the #1 CRM solution for businesses around the world, as it helps you host the software on your server, which means there's absolutely no scope of data leakage or any theft and you are 100% in charge of the data stored on your servers. Moreover, on-premise CRM hosting does not mean that you cannot access data at foreign locations. Yes, you can have direct access to the data stored from any part of the world, but also you can also limit the access to unknown locations so that your data does not falls into wrong hands. 

So, if you are planning to make the next business move and have a competitive edge over others in the market, don’t spin your head anymore! Get the best on-premise CRM technology solution for your business and have complete control over your data, sitting anywhere, anytime. What’s more, you can also have it white-labeled! And in addition to this, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of any best CRM software like lead generation, tracking the customer journey, consumer engagement, providing efficient customer support, automating tasks, and boosting productivity! Is there anything more to it? Yes!! Building strong business-customer relationships, as, in the end, it forms the core of your business and hence stimulates your profit margins! 

So, if you are thinking to grow your business, have a CRM solution first! 

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